I am so glad you're here! My name is Anna and I am a certified full-spectrum doula and founder of Bodies In Bloom LLC currently located in Greenville, SC. 

For two years I studied education, but it wasn't until I had my first baby did I realize how amazing our bodies truly are. I fell in love with the process... the raw, natural, intense, emotional process and realized my career path was about to go in a totally new direction. I believe that as your Doula I can support you, uplift you, and help advocate for the strong, confident birthing person I already know you are.

I'm here to help, let's doula this! ;-)

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"We define a birth doula as a professional support person trained in the needs of the family during pregnancy and childbirth. The doula offers non-judgmental support, guidance, evidence based education and practical hands-on support during childbirth including comfort measures. Doula originates from the Greek word meaning woman servant. A birth doula recognizes the profound impact of childbirth on the mother.

The birth doula does not provide medical care, clinical tasks such a cervical checks or fetal heart tones and does not speak on behalf of the client."

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In addition to having spent some time preparing to become a childhood education teacher, I am certified as a birth and postpartum doula through International Doula Institute. I spent about a year working for a large breastfeeding company (Haakaa USA) as their PR/social media manager and in-house lactation consultant/doula. As passionate as I am about birth and postpartum, breastfeeding support is also something near and dear to me that I love to assist my clients with! When living in WI, I was also part of Authentic Birth Center's Doula Referral Program where I am lucky enough to attend beautiful physiological births with my clients!

Geez, if I haven't exhausted you enough, here's a few personal facts about me: I am from Milwaukee, WI, I have two kids of my own (a boy + a girl), I have a crazy wild puppy named Millie, I love to use essential oils in my practice, I love Mexican food with a passion, I am always up for a margarita, and I'm surprisingly talented at making charcuterie boards, haha! 






I am proud to serve the birthing needs of anyone who is looking for support and guidance throughout the pregnancy process. I make an effort to maintain a lifelong connection with my clients, and check up on their progress as new parents. Curious about my past patients’ experiences? Take a look at their positive stories below.


Alison Bodker

Upon meeting Anna, it was easy to feel comfortable around her and even my husband, who is a physician and was a bit skeptical about my desire to hire a doula, appreciated her knowledge and service immediately. Anna helped me achieve the natural birth I was hoping for by advocating for my wishes at the hospital, suggesting supportive positions, offering natural pain management, and furthermore empowering my husband to support me throughout my labor and delivery. When the intensity of my labor progressed VERY quickly and I requested an epidural, she was able to tell from my body language that I was already starting to transition and suggested I get a cervical check first. I’m so glad I did because I was at 10cm and her attentiveness saved me from getting the medication. Somehow in our seemingly chaotic 2.5 hours in the hospital, she even found a chance to snap some lovely pictures we’ll cherish forever.
Prior to the birth of our sweet girl, she helped educate us on all of our options, put together a birth plan, organize the nursery, and was always available for questions and moral support.
After Lila arrived, Anna came over and helped us establish good breastfeeding habits, brought me all kind of sweet goodies, and checked in on me frequently. We are so glad we made the choice to work with Anna and would happily hire her again!


As your doula,


I will help you gather knowledge and encourage you. I will remind you of your goals and values. I will support you in your moments of vulnerability and in your moments of strength. I will listen with compassion and serve you with my hands and my heart.




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